Vacuum Forming Accessories

  • Pro-form centri-fuse

    Pro-form centri-fuse

    The demand of athletic mouthguard customization has grown significantly during the past few years. It’s not uncommon to see professional athletes showing off their custom mouthguards with personal numbers, team logos or phrases on it. That’s why Keystone Industries is thrilled to launch the centri-fuse kit, an innovative product that makes the application of decals to mouthguards quicker, easier and more cost effective. Read more...

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  • Pro-form Electric Knife

    Pro-form Electric Knife

    This electric knife is useful in trimming and cutting a variety fo thermoplastic dental materials. Read more...

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  • Keystone Z-Bur Diamond Bur

    Keystone Z-Bur Diamond Bur

    The special hollowed, fluted design of Keystone’s Z-Bur Diamond Bur is perfect for easy removal of sticky tissue, conditioners and pastes commonly used to take denture impressions. Read more...

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  • All Purpose Utility Scissors

    All Purpose Utility Scissors

    These All-Purpose Utility Scissors are great for bulk trimming of thermoplastics, especially Pro-form mouthguards. Read more...

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  • Block Out

    Block Out

    This Block Out Compound is used to block out areas of models or can be rolled around a model base for easy periphery trimming. The reusable material will not melt under heat or stick to models, plastics or vacuum formers. Read more...

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  • Hatho Miniature Scotch Brite

    Hatho Miniature Scotch Brite

    You can use the Hatho Miniature Scotch Brite™ wheel to polish services without ruining delicate anatomical surfaces on dental appliances. By using low speeds – around 5,000 rpm – and light pressure the acrylic should not overheat due to friction. Read more...

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  • Heavy Duty Strap Boxes

    Heavy Duty Strap Boxes

    This is an ideal box for a mouthguard with an attached helmet strap. The cases are made of high-density polypropylene with a hinged lid. A slit on the front of the box allows for the mouthguard strap to come out of the box. This helps athletes from losing mouthguards and keeping them clean. Read more...

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  • High Gloss Ortho Boxes

    High Gloss Ortho Boxes

    High Gloss Ortho Boxes are perfect for storing mouthguards, retainers, bleaching trays and splints. Made of flexible plastic (polypropylene), the box has a hinge design and secure latching system to ensure maximum protection. Ideal for patients with removable appliances, the box is 3/4-inch (19 mm) deep. Read more...

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  • Insta Cool

    Insta Cool

    Use Insta Cool to immediately chill dental appliances for better adaptation and faster production. Using Insta Cool assures fast, excellent fitting results. Read more...

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  • Micro Torch

    Micro Torch

    A hand held, self-igniting, butane powered microtorch creates a precise flame emitting from a nozzle head, allowing direct heat application to an object. Read more...

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  • Microtorch


    The Microtorch is a 2-in-1 open flame torch and flameless heat tool with a heat shrink attachment. The torch is excellent use to heat materials, ignite materials, pinpoint torch, shrink tubing, solder and desolder, terminate specialty connectors and more! Read more...

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  • Mold Release Spray

    Mold Release Spray

    This Mold Release Spray is and extremely versatile release agent and lubricant. The silicone spray produces a dry anti-stick surface coating, which is particularly suited as a model spray prior to vacuum forming mouthguard or other thermoplastic materials. Read more...

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  • Pressure Dome

    Pressure Dome

    This new attachment works in conjunction with Keystone Industries’ vacuum formers to create a better fitting dental appliance. The dome uses positive pressure during vacuuming, allowing for a form-fitting mold of thermoplastics. The Pressure Dome hooks into any existing air compressor lines (needs 80 PSI line pressure with 3/8 line) to provide extra pressure when adapting thermoplastics over an existing model. Read more...

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